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What a great way to get to know others in my company besides the same old "teambuilders"! It was certainly a challenge of the mind and body...we were running all over! Who would have thought thinking outside of the box could be so entertaining among friends?!

I loved the scavenger hunt that you designed for us!! Best retreat we’ve had in a long time! I loved having the workout going from one end of the camp to the other and everything was done very well, very professional and I would definitely suggest your company to others!

Great job John and Rootles!! The Rootles hunt was the highlight of our New Year's Extravaganza and will set the bar high for years to come.

This was a great event for a birthday party with just the right amount of walking and a good match of skills needed to find the clues. The girls had fun working together to solve the clues, and running around Old Town on a beautiful fall afternoon added to the experience. This is a great idea for getting groups together, having them work toward a common goal, and exploring while in the process! John was great at checking in with us to make sure we didn't get 'stuck' on any of the clues.

Rootles led our family on a wonderful adventure, in which we were given glimpses into new and interesting places, sites, monuments and even bits of history. Rootles helps you to discover the extraordinary in your everyday surroundings, in a fun and interactive way. It was a great family event, one which I hope to do again next year.

For my husband's birthday, I wanted to provide him with a gift from his children that would last a lifetime. I wanted it to be new, fun, exciting, outdoors, include small children, and unduplicated so as to seal the memory. Without missing a beat, Rootles far exceeded my expectations. My husband and our children competed against my husband's older brother and his family, and being that the two brothers have always been competitive, Rootles made it a challenge that kept the older, and younger, participants on their toes and in the game to the very end. As a matter of fact, the end came down to a second or two when the families unknowingly met up where the treasure was buried, and my 42-year-old brother-in-law and my 6-year-old daughter both located, dived, and grabbed for the hidden treasure. Rootles couldn't have planned it any better!

One of my favorite memories from the treasure hunt put on by Rootles at our wedding was seeing various families and friends, of all ages and from different parts of life, huddled over clues, laughing over guesses and throwing themselves into the hunt! One guest mentioned that she didn't know anyone upon arrival, but after a few hours of treasure hunting she had loads of new friends (and dance partners) for the party later on.
~Steve & Emma

Our family really enjoyed the Rootles Ramble hunt on the Island of Nantucket. It was engaging for all of us including our 3 kids (ages 4, 6, and 8). My wife and I enjoyed the opportunity to see parts of Nantucket which we would otherwise never have known about. Our kids enjoyed the competition of being the first to find the clues. We would recommend the Rootles Ramble to anyone who has an interest in knowing more about the history of the Island and want to have fun with their kids.
~Ren and Lori

The five of us had a really great time on the Rootles hunt! It took us to parts of the island that we wouldn't have seen since we were only staying for 2 1/2 days.

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