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Rootles® would love to help you make your next family gathering as memorable as possible. Whether a wedding, reunion, birthday party, or anything in between there is a hunt that can help you to bring everyone closer together, while having a truly entertaining time in the process. A Rootles® hunt is a fun, healthy activity that can be enjoyed by participants of all ages and experience levels.

At a recent wedding, the participants gathered the morning before the ceremony, and were all assigned to teams. As they explored the area of the hunt, they were meeting others while solving the clues and enjoying the scenery. Instead of the bride and groom’s friends and families meeting for the first time at the ceremony or reception they all had the experience of the hunt to bring them together at the start of the festivities.

During a weekend-long family reunion, where everyone was already familiar with each other, the Rootles® hunt was an event to bring a little friendly competition into the afternoon of one day. Multi-generational teams worked together, with children and grandparents alike venturing all over the property to discover clues and race to the final destination. Solutions and stories were the themes of the day!

Whether you’re planning a family picnic at a local park, or are looking for the perfect activity for the guests at your wedding destination, look no further than Rootles® for an activity the whole group will enjoy and remember.

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