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~What a great way to get to know others in my company besides the same old "teambuilders"! It was certainly a challenge of the mind and body...we were running all over! Who would have thought thinking outside of the box could be so entertaining among friends?!
Kelly Brush - Neenan Company, Fort Collins, CO

Whatever the size of your business, teamwork is the most important aspect to being highly successful. From your executive team to individual divisions, it is imperative that everyone is operating under the same premise: The prosperity of the company will reflect and influence the prosperity of individuals. Achieving a unified vision begins with this thought, and Rootles® can help you to bring everyone together under this umbrella.

Achieving this success requires a layered process. From building bonds of trust, to opening avenues of communication, the ability of your employees to work together as a team must be developed. Rootles® hunts are the very essence ot treamwork and healthy competition, and can provide just the right team building activity for your organization. Rootles® creates hunts that allow individual members contribute and shine, while enabling groups to be successful.

There are also possibilities for Rootles® to create events for company gatherings or celebrations. If you are bringing offices together, as a result of merging, or if you simply want to introduce new employees to the rest of the staff and the community what better setting than in a low-stress, energizing Rootles® event. Finally, if you wish to include a fun activity for family members at your next corporate event, know that a Rootles® hunt can easily be designed for the enjoyment of a wide range of participants, and will provide a healthy and enjoyable way for families to meet each other.

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