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Read an alumni magazine article about a hunt designed for St. Paul's School, in Concord, NH, written by Rootles® founder John Poor (courtesy St. Paul's School Alumni Horae).

Do you have an upcoming new student orientation, volunteer appreciation event, end of year celebration, or group retreat planned? Are you looking for a fun team building activity for your school or organization? Rootles® can design a single afternoon, day-long, or multi-day activity that will meet the exact needs of your group.

In a few hours, groups can explore a campus or park together, working in teams to solve clues, learning about their environment, and coming to know their teammates. Custom hunts can be designed with a specific focus in mind, for example, the history of an area or organization, or the natural environment of the hunt locale. For adventurous groups, hunts can be designed to involve walking, running, biking, or taking public transportation all over your area, solving clues and seeking prizes. The possibilities are absolutely endless with imagination the only barrier.

We can also create longer-duration hunts, which could require that teams view their clues on-line as they are released by Rootles®, and search their environment for other information that Rootles® might hide. Such a multi-day activity is ideally suited for the campus environment, yet can be adapted to most groups, if a more involved competition or level of exposure is desired. Hunts can be used to draw attention to an area, such as those hosted by newspapers and local business associations, or to introduce groups of students to a new campus or community.

As one school newspaper noted: “A new tradition was started this year: a massive, school-wide treasure hunt hosted by Rootles®- Quests for the Curious. Prizes were awarded by dorms for finding and then solving clues. The student response ranged from enthusiasm to obsessive - some stayed home from Saturday night dances to solve the puzzle.”

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