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Clues can take many forms, depending on the nature of the hunt desired. Rootles® will work to create clues that cater to your group, and their experience level, as much as possible. The variety of clues can range from simple rhymes or altered photographs, to complicated ciphers and puzzles. By design, clues are intended to require a team effort to solve, and their difficulty will be scaled appropriately. Maps, Morse code dictionaries, or other materials may be distributed to the teams to aid in locating and solving clues. If participants will have access to extensive reference materials, as is often the case in hunts scheduled for longer time periods, other levels of complexity are employed in the clue design and solution. Below are examples of clues from a more social, less competative hunt, but we can create clues that can stump even the most ardent puzzlers in your group.

Clues may take a form that asks participants to decipher where the image was taken.   But they can also require participants to pay attention to the layers of the clue.
Find a point of view can be deceptively difficult Adding elements like a keyboard puzzle increases complexity
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