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Each Rootles® hunt follows a similar format; however no two hunts are exactly the same. We work closely with each group to design a hunt that meets the objectives and needs of the participants. This inherent flexibility is one of the truly unique aspects of a Rootles® hunt, and allows us to design events that are suitable for a broad range of ages and experience levels. Though there are two main structures for a hunt (Treasure Hunt & Scavenger Hunt) a general hunt timeline is shown below.

1. A Rootles® representative will arrive on site to set up the hunt before the group gathers.

2. The representative will then meet with the group to explain the ground rules and answer any questions participants have about the hunt.

3. The group is divided into teams. The size and number of teams will vary with group size, and we will defer to your group’s preference in team makeup.

4. To start the hunt, each team is provided with their first clue. Team members will work together to solve the first clue, and its solution will lead them to where their second clue is hidden. (Depending on the location of the hunt, clues may be spread across a relatively large area, such as a school campus, or a smaller locale, such as a community park.)

5. Each team locates and deciphers their second clue. They will then continue to subsequent clues, repeating these steps until they arrive at the final clue. Each team will be required to locate and solve the same clues, though in a different order, thereby ensuring an equal level of difficulty for each team.

6. By solving their final clues, all the teams are brought together at an ultimate destination.

7. Congratulations await the first team to complete the “course”.

Treasure Hunt: Each team receives its clues in an order that requires each clue be solved before that team will receive its next clue. All the teams solve all of the clues but each team does so in a different order. This creates more of a "race" scenario where the first team to reach the shared, final destination would be declared the "winner".

Scavenger Hunt: Each team is provided with all of their clues at the beginning of the hunt and will have to collect information at each of the locations indicated by the clues. When the teams have collected all of their information and returned to a designated meeting point they will be asked to work with the information provided to compile their team's activity or solve more puzzles to claim an overall prize.

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