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This is a general timeline for development of a Rootles® hunt, which will allow us to tailor all aspects of the hunt to your group. A standard hunt can be set up more quickly, though with fewer modifications than a custom hunt.

1. Contact Rootles® with answers to as many of the questions found on the 'contact' page as possible.

2. After this initial conversation, Rootles® will provide a written cost estimate for the hunt, for review.

3. Upon receipt of the non-refundable deposit (1/2 payment), Rootles® will visit the site of the hunt and map out the area, take digital pictures, and note details for the creation of the hunt.

4. Rootles® will create clues for the hunt in question. It is possible that Rootles® will contact you for additional information regarding the hunt during this time.

5. A Rootles® representative will arrive at the site to set up the hunt prior to your group's gathering.

For the reasons listed above, the sooner that Rootles® is aware of a potential hunt, the easier the hunt will be to customize to your group's needs.

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