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Juniors Treasure Hunt

Welcome to the introduction page for the Milton Academy Class of '09 treasure hunt. Similar to last year, Rootles - Quests for the Curious has created a two part hunt as a portion of the class' beginning of year activities.


Teams, predominantly, will be determined by advisor groups, though depending upon specific numbers that may be adjusted accordingly.


The preliminary schedule is as follows:
9:30 - Meet at Wigg Hall for final instruction before boarding buses to Boston Common
12:30 - Teams meet on Boston Common for return to campus, where lunch will be available.
1:30 - Begin afternoon (on campus) hunt.
3:00 - Conclusion of afternoon portion.


Each clue that a team solves leads to a specific location where the team will find information or more clues. These clues might involve codes, ciphers, or photographic manipulations, among other possibilities. There will be two different formats during the hunt. While in Boston, when a team makes it the location in question their faculty advisor will have their next clue. In the afternoon, on the Milton campus, at each location teams will find their next clue. Different teams will be join forces during portions of the hunt, so in the end all of your clues and other information may be important.


A Rootles representative will be available to go through the instructions again and to answer any questions about the hunt when the class meets in Wigg Hall on Thursday the 6th.

See you on the 7th!

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