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FRCC 50 Years!

Details and Clues Page:

This page is the source for information regarding the FRCC 50th Anniversary Treasure Hunt. It will be updated further, as more specific information regarding the hunt is made available.

Below, under the heading "Clues", each of the five clues will become available at specific times during the hunt. Once each clue is published to the site the "not yet released" label will change to "Released" with a link to that clue.

Additionally if there are modifications to a clue, or if any team has requested a hint, there will be a note indicating that modifications have been made to the clue page in question and the date and time that the modifications were made(see sample clue below).

For each clue your team will need to either find either a piece of information on the FRCC campus


We will be more active and quicker to respond in the next 24 hours. If there are questions we will update this page at 12PM, 3PM, and 9PM as questions warrant it.

These links will be active at the date and time listed:
Sample Clue: Released - 9/11/18 9:30AM This clue was released but without any directions for what to collect at the indicated location.
Clue # 1 - Wednesday September 12th 9:30AM: Released Hint provided at 10AM 9/13
Clue # 2 - Thursday September 13th 9:45AM: Released Hint provided 9:30AM 9/17
Clue # 3 - Friday September 14st 9:30AM: Released Hint requested will updated at 9:45AM 9/18
Clue # 4 - Monday September 17nd 9:30AM: Released
Clue # 5 - Tuesday September 18th 9:30AM: Released
Remember: Teams earn more entries for correct answers so check back to old clues for updates and request hints if necessary.
Final Clue Submissions Due: Wednesday September 19th 10AM

Each clue requires your team to solve various sorts of puzzles. The solution to the clue requires a piece of information to be collected and then submitted for the final team entry. These pieces of information require that teams collect the information (numbers, dates, quotes, etc....) from around campus or from other public sources. Each team can earn entries for the final drawing by completing the hunt and submitting solutions to all clues, correctly solving each clue (one entry for each correct submission) and an additional team entry when all team members donate an item to the Campus Food Bank - through the donation box in The Sudent Life Office.


While the hunt is under way your team may choose to ask for a hint or some help. That is absolutely fine and is an expected, regular occurrence with many Rootles hunts as deciphering the answers is often more important than style points. When each clue is uploaded there will be an accompanying form that can be filled out. That form will be delivered to Rootles. We will provide some assistance with the clue. Your team should understand that this response will be made through the website for anyone participating to see.

Final Submissions

Your team may fill out the form below. Please wait until after the final clue is released before submitting this answer form so that we don't get too many incompete forms. If you do submit your form in more than one "session" please make sure to be consistent with you team name so we can track you more accurately.

Team Name:

Contact Name:

Contact Email:

Clue One Submission:

Clue Two Submission:

Clue Three Submission:

Clue Four Submission:

Clue Five Submission:

Team Members - please list


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