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Rootles® - Quests for the Curious- creates treasure hunts, designed to encourage participants to better recognize and understand their physical and interpersonal surroundings. These hunts unfold over hours, days, or even weeks, utilizing clues designed specifically for your group's event.

From large-scale conference competitions to intimate birthday explorations Rootles® creates custom and standard hunts, which can provide a perfect activity for your gathering. No group is too large or small and any hunt can be customized for your unique situation. So as you plan your upcoming corporate retreat, campus event, or family gathering, remember that Rootles® can provide an activity that will engage every member of your group, and be remembered by participants long after your event.

Rootles® is headquartered on the front range of Colorado, and conducts hunts nationwide. Wherever your group is located, we can design and organize an activity that will provide the perfect mix of teamwork, education, puzzles, and fun for your special event!

Surrey Lane - Fort Collins, CO
(970) 484-9034
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