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Rootles® at Lakeside School

The Lakeside Class of 2007 will be participating in a campus-wide treasure hunt on Wednesday, January 17, from 12PM until approximately 3PM. Below are general instructions for the hunt on that afternoon. You will receive more complete instructions on the day of the hunt

General Instructions

As with instructions everywhere these should be read completely and thoroughly. Who knows what might be in here...

Each of the 13 advisor groups in the senior class will make up a team that will work together to solve a series of clues leading to spots on campus. Each clue will be presented in web format that translates into a printable 5"x7" piece of paper. Clues may contain images, anagrams, ciphers or anything that may make solving them a challenge. Your job, as a team, is to work together to figure out these clues as quickly as possible. At the different locations on campus you will be looking for answer tags, with number combinations listed which you then must insert into a web browser to view your next clue.

At the start of the hunt, each team will be given their own first clue and its web address. When you solve this clue, the information you find on the answer tag, located somewhere on campus, will enable you to view your second clue. When you decipher that clue you will be able to view your next clue and so on.

As you collect clues, the numbers on the answer tags, and other information during the hunt, you will be asked to utilize all your teams' assets to think logically, plan wisely and implement strategically, in order be the first to solve the hunt's overall puzzle.

This past Rootles® hunt followed a similar format and may provide you with some insight for solving clues, as well as overall idea for the upcoming hunt. Inquires may be directed to Rootles® by email, however answers may not be forthcoming until the afternoon of the hunt.

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